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Take control of your climate-friendly investment, and invest in more solar energy for less CO2 – one of the most pressing social challenges of our time. For energy production that can do more than supply electricity. Use our digital investment portal now, and coordinate your assets directly, round the clock, and from anywhere. Simple, flexible and responsible: your solar investment in a bright future.

approx. 9 years

Approx. 5% p.a. IRR
expected return*

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hep direct – your photovoltaic investment portal

Invest online in the energy transition – simply, conveniently and sustainably: with our digital investment portal. At your solar and investment experts, based in Baden-Württemberg. Operate on an equal footing with experts for renewable energies – without needing to be an expert yourself. Our service competence speaks the language of every investor. The hep group has high-quality expertise for your investment in sustainable investment funds. Direct from us, as your competent partner. That is your key investment advantage. You cannot be closer to the market for renewable energies.

Successful in the solar market since 2008

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Invest and coordinate your assets directly, around the clock, and from anywhere Simple, flexible, responsible: your contribution to the energy transition, with no detours.

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Ein Ehepaar steht auf ihrem Balkon und schauen in die Natur während die Sonne im

The portfolio

hep is offering private investors the opportunity to invest in the global solar market. The investor acquires an entrepreneurial participation in an asset that combines returns with sustainability. With “HEP – Solar Portfolio 2”, you are investing in the world’s strongest solar markets: the USA, Japan and Germany.

approx. 9 years

Approx. 5% p.a. IRR
expected return*

Nahaufnahme einer Photovoltaik-Anlage auf einer Wiese

Solar asset class

Independence from the financial markets, and greater responsibility through promoting renewable energies. With our specialization in the Solar asset class, we offer a fully-aligned and first-hand service. That’s because we have been living solar energy since our foundation. hep itself undertakes all services along the life-cycle of photovoltaic installations: project development, construction, operation, and financing.

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Frequently asked questions

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What happens with my data and confidential information?

Datenschutz nehmen wir bei hep sehr ernst. Alle Daten werden auf geschützten Servern gespeichert. Näheres zu diesem Punkt entnehmen Sie bitte unserer ausführlichen Datenschutzerklärung

How can long-term revenues be achieved?

Durch sogenannte Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). PPAs bestehen, kurz gesagt, aus einem festen Vertrag zwischen dem Energieversorger und seinem Kunden. Durch die Umgehung der Netzeinspeisung profitieren Energieversorger und Verbraucher von Steuererleichterungen, die das Geschäft für beide Parteien vorteilhaft machen: Der Erzeuger kann Energie zu einem höheren Preis als dem Marktpreis verkaufen; gleichzeitig kann der Verbraucher zu einem festen und in der Regel niedrigeren Preis als dem Marktpreis kaufen, was ihm Planungssicherheit für seine Energiekosten für den im Vertrag festgelegten Zeitraum gibt.

Do solar cells harm the environment?

Solarzellen sind während ihrer Nutzungsdauer emissionslos und setzen keine Schadstoffe frei. Ihre Herstellung benötigt im Vergleich zu konventionellen Techniken der Stromerzeugung wenig Energie. Für eine Kilowattstunde Solarenergie aus Photovoltaik-Modulen braucht es rund 20 Gramm CO2. Im Vergleich: Energie aus Braunkohle emittiert 1.000 Gramm CO2.

What do our funds invest in?

Als Experte für Solarenergie investieren von hep aufgelegte Fonds ausschließlich in Photovoltaikanlagen.

What is an AIF?

Alternative Investments im Allgemeinen sind Geldanlagen, die nicht auf die klassischen Finanzprodukte wie Aktien, Anleihen, börsennotierte Investmentfonds oder andere an der Börse gehandelte Papiere setzen.

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* in relation to the limited liability capital excl. premium Calculated using the IRR method (Internal Rate of Return): The IRR method is a mathematical method for calculating the rate of return (effective interest) on an investment. The discount factor, which when applied sees the discounted future payments correspond to the present value or the initial investment, is the internal rate of return. If this rate of return is greater than the adequate target rate, the investment is profitable over the full term.
Note: the subscription period is operated by HEP Vertrieb GmbH, Römerstraße 3, 74363 Güglingen, Germany; registered in the Commercial Register under HRB [744 841], Managing Director: Thorsten Eitle HEP Vertrieb GmbH holds a license under section 34f (1) sentence 1 of the German Trade, Commerce, and Industry Regulation Act (Gewerbeordnung, GewO). The license covers the brokerage of financial investments in units or shares in domestic open investment assets, open EU investment assets or foreign open investment assets that can be marketed under the German Investment Code (Kapitalanlagegesetzbuch) (section 34f (1) No. 1 GewO), and units or shares in domestic closed investment assets, closed EU investment assets or foreign closed investment assets that can be marketed under the Investment Code (section 34f (1) No. 2 GewO). You can find further information at, under the registration number D-F-136-I1E2-22.

Invest now in a sustainable future

Invest and coordinate your assets directly, around the clock, and from anywhere simple, flexible, responsible: your contribution to the energy transition, with no detours.