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hep is a company with a strong awareness of responsibility. That’s why we have defined a binding commitment to three fundamental corporate values: Sustainability, innovation and community. We advocate our values with total conviction, and they guide our daily actions.

“For us, right from the start, it was clear that our business model needed to be sustainable. We want to do what we do with a clear conscience.”

Christian Hamann



We want to keep our planet as somewhere worth living in – for us and for future generations. With climate-friendly electricity, our solar parks are contributing to the long-term solution of one of the most pressing challenges for society – protecting the environment by expanding renewable energies.

For us, sustainability means much more than creating value profitably.


For us, innovation starts directly with people. A solar park in Germany the size of a soccer field produces around 665 MWh of electricity a year. It can supply 195 German two-person households.
of solar electricity
665 MWh
Stroke 1
tons CO2
In the German electricity mix, 665 MWh of solar electricity saves 151 tons of CO2 that would be produced from fossil fuel sources.
Group 9
It can supply 195 German two-person households with electricity.
Group 3
beech trees
That’s as much CO2 as over 14,800 mature beech trees are capable of storing.

Compliance @ hep

The adherence to legal regulations as well as our internal Compliance policies is of utmost priority for hep. On this page you will find information on our Code of Conduct and our reporting channel for whistleblowers.   Compliance, within the scope of the Compliance Management System, governs the group-wide preventive measures against conflicts of interest, money laundering, insider trading and corruption and reviews the regulations on the interaction with business partners, especially with regards to the acceptance and the granting of benefits such as invitations and gifts.   Regional Deputy Compliance Officers support the tasks of the Compliance team at hep.   Employees and managers at hep are trained regularly online and face-to-face on Compliance topics.

Code of Conduct

hep is a company with a strong awareness of responsibility and high moral aspirations. Clear ethical principles and living out behavior that has integrity and complies with the law are a matter of course for us. Our Code of Conduct ties the hep corporate culture into the key legal requirements, thereby serving as the guiding thread for all our actions.

hep Whistleblowing Channel

If we detect and discover violations, misconduct, or unethical behaviour early on, we are able to implement the respective countermeasures to avert possible damages for customers, employees, business partners and hep as a company. We can prevent consequential damage and therefore continuously develop as a company.

Your hints are important for us. You therefore have the possibility to report compliance violations confidentially or anonymously to hep that are subject to criminal penalties or fines via Whistleblower Software.

Incoming whistleblower reports will, as a first step, exclusively be received by Compliance. The reports will then be read, confirmed and processed.

Click here to continue to our Whistleblowing Channel: hep whistleblowersoftware

With this reporting channel, whistleblowers will be able to report information on reasonable suspicions, knowledge about actual or potential violations against the Code of Conduct as well as the report on attempts to obscure such violations that have already been or that are very likely to be committed. Furthermore, you will be able to report unethical behaviour or behaviour violating against internal policies. You will find an additional detailed list of compliance-relevant, registrable categories and issues in the hep whistleblower policy.

Therefore, please use this online reporting channel responsibly. It must not be misused to denounce other people. We would like to ask you to only forward information that you consider correct to the best of your knowledge and belief.

This online reporting channel was set up for reporting concerns about potential incidents of non-compliance. Please note that other matters cannot be accepted through this channel.

Reports can be made either by submitting contact details or 100% anonymously. Whether you report a concern or seek advice: the matter will be safeguarded and treated strictly confidential.

All indications of compliance-related violations will be examined carefully and confidentially.

From this page you can make a new secure report or follow up on an existing report. Following up on your reports can be relevant for numerous reasons:

  1. You wish to see the status of your report, to check if action is being taken.
  2. You wish to provide additional information to your report.
  3. The system administrators (Compliance) have requested additional information from you to help them resolve the issue or take the appropriate action.

The highest principle of the whistleblowing channel is to protect whistleblowers. The functionality of the safeguarding of the whistleblower’s anonymity has been certified by an independent body.

The anonymous web-based form is only intended to be used for hints that would otherwise bear the consequence of personal disadvantages pertaining to labor law or social threats.

Hints that have been reported incorrectly may be punished by criminal or labor law.

You will not be required to submit personal details at any step of the process. Please do not submit any information leading to conclusions regarding your identity. Please do not submit any reports from a technical device provided to you by the company.

In case of loss of your access data please submit a new report and install a new account. If possible, please refer to your previous report ID. Since this is a new account, the contents of your previous report are not available here.

hep Compliance will provide you with feedback by means of the whistleblowing channel on what is happening with your hint or ask questions if details are still unclear. – You will also remain anonymous throughout the conversation. We are interested in the reports themselves to prevent damages and not in your identity as a whistleblower.


hep has committed to the protection of whistleblowers. We do not tolerate pressure and discrimination being brought on whistleblowers. With regard to the person concerned, the presumption of innocence applies as long as the person has not been convicted of an offense.

Your hints help us prevent severe disadvantages for hep, our employees as well as our customers and business partners. Thank you very much for your support.

In case of any questions, you can also contact us via


Social commitment for a fair and vibrant community is a key part of our entrepreneurial self-image. Our focus in this is on social projects in our home region of Heilbronn and in Burkina Faso. Alongside this, we support numerous cross-regional projects focusing on protection of the environment and protection of species. In this way, we are making a further contribution to improving quality of life and to a better tomorrow.

Social projects in the Heilbronn area and in Burkina Faso

Projects for protection of the environment and protection of species

Unser Markenbotschafter, der Berggorilla „George“ als Keyvisual

We support various projects close to our heart, in various ways.

Berggorilla George in einem Dschungel

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21. May 2024

hep solar continues heart project in Burkina Faso


26. September 2023

hep Receives “Sachwerte Award” for Sustainability from Trade Magazine


4. May 2022

hep expands its support

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