Showing responsibility for a better tomorrow


hep is a company with a strong awareness of responsibility. That’s why we have defined a binding commitment to three fundamental corporate values: Sustainability, innovation and community. We advocate our values with total conviction, and they guide our daily actions.

“For us, right from the start, it was clear that our business model needed to be sustainable. We want to do what we do with a clear conscience.”

Christian Hamann



We want to keep our planet as somewhere worth living in – for us and for future generations. With climate-friendly electricity, our solar parks are contributing to the long-term solution of one of the most pressing challenges for society – protecting the environment by expanding renewable energies.

For us, sustainability means much more than creating value profitably.


For us, innovation starts directly with people. A solar park in Germany the size of a soccer field produces around 665 MWh of electricity a year. It can supply 185 German three-person households.
665 MWh
of solar electricity
Stroke 1
tons CO2
In the German electricity mix, 665 MWh of solar electricity saves 567 tons of CO2 that would be produced from fossil fuel sources.
Group 9
It can supply 185 German three-person households with electricity.
Group 3
beech trees
That’s as much CO2 as over 45,000 mature beech trees are capable of storing.


hep is a company with a strong awareness of responsibility and high moral aspirations. Clear ethical principles and living out behavior that has integrity and complies with the law are a matter of course for us. Our Code of Conduct ties the hep corporate culture into the key legal requirements, thereby serving as the guiding thread for all our actions.


Social commitment for a fair and vibrant community is a key part of our entrepreneurial self-image. Our focus in this is on social projects in our home region of Heilbronn and in Burkina Faso. Alongside this, we support numerous cross-regional projects focusing on protection of the environment and protection of species. In this way, we are making a further contribution to improving quality of life and to a better tomorrow.

Social projects in the Heilbronn area and in Burkina Faso

Projects for protection of the environment and protection of species

Unser Markenbotschafter, der Berggorilla „George“ als Keyvisual

We support various projects close to our heart, in various ways.

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