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Energy is our Driver

We all need energy to keep moving. hep supports ambi­tious profes­sional and junior athletes so that they can use all their energy on following their passion. Our Sports Team demons­trates every day how to be sustainably successful.

We measure success not only by athletic achie­ve­ments. Fair­ness, team­work and a sustainable life­style are equally important and the basis for a good perfor­mance and a better future.

hep is Proud

hep is Proud

Home Instead of Hawaii

Home Instead of Hawaii

hep Cycles to the USA

hep Cycles to the USA

Invest in Clean Energy

Those of us spen­ding a lot of time in the outdoors – as our athletes do – inevi­tably develop a special bond with it. Boris, Laura and Sebas­tian are convinced: Solar energy is essen­tial when wanting to reduce carbon emis­sions. By inves­ting in one of hep’s solar funds, the three contri­bute their part while bene­fi­ting from attrac­tive finan­cial returns.

Triathlon — Bundes­li­ga­team, Neckar­sulmer Sport­union E.V.

We are the team’s main sponsor and support their youth development.

Our Junior Suppliers

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