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Ener­gy is our Driver

We all need ener­gy to keep moving. hep sup­ports ambi­tious pro­fes­sio­nal and juni­or ath­le­tes so that they can use all their ener­gy on fol­lowing their pas­si­on. Our Sports Team demons­tra­tes every day how to be sus­tainab­ly successful.

We mea­su­re suc­cess not only by ath­le­tic achie­ve­ments. Fair­ness, team­work and a sus­tainab­le life­style are equal­ly important and the basis for a good per­for­mance and a bet­ter future.

Invest in Clean Energy

Tho­se of us spen­ding a lot of time in the out­doors – as our ath­le­tes do – ine­vi­ta­b­ly deve­lop a spe­cial bond with it. Boris, Lau­ra and Sebas­ti­an are con­vin­ced: Solar ener­gy is essen­ti­al when wan­ting to redu­ce car­bon emis­si­ons. By inves­ting in one of hep’s solar funds, the three con­tri­bu­te their part while bene­fi­t­ing from attrac­ti­ve finan­cial returns.


We are proud of our suc­cess­ful athletes.


We are the team’s main spon­sor and sup­port their youth development.

Our Juni­or Suppliers

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