Using photovoltaics to capture the power of the sun

Everything from a single source

Expanding solar energy, stopping global warming. For us and for future generations. We develop, build, operate and finance solar parks worldwide: Individual solutions from a single source. Come with us into the future.  

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hep Mitarbeiter bei dem Bau und Installation eines Solarparks

Our services

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We operate your solar park

We can make operating your solar park simple: from monitoring and reporting packages through preventive maintenance and support to environmental diversity. We put our services together freely in line with your individual requirements.

A solar park in your space

Want to make sensible, sustainable and profitable use of your space? With a solar park from hep, you are taking the right path to the future.  

Looking for energy-charged partners!

We are looking for partners for installation and maintenance of solar facilities on company roofs.

The arguments for solar energy

Solar energy is smoothing the way for safe, economical and sustainable energy supply, now and in the future. Today, the power of the sun is already the most economically viable of all energy sources, and the demand for it is massive.  
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In around 30 minutes, the sun radiates as much energy onto the earth as we consume worldwide in one year.

Safe and clean energy supply

50% of the world’s energy needs are set to be covered from solar and wind energy by 2050.


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Growing demand

The global demand for energy is growing with the needs of the world’s population. Solar energy is vital for safe and environmentally-friendly energy supply. Today and in the future. In the last forty years, global electricity consumption – and with it the production of electrical power from various energy sources – has increased threefold. At the same time, the world’s population is faced with the challenge of reducing the effects of climate change through massive savings in CO2 emissions. For safe and clean energy supply, renewable energies are needed now and in the future.

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Falling costs

Solar energy is already the most important energy source today. In the past ten years, production costs have fallen by 90 percent, meaning that photovoltaics today represent the most cost-favorable technology for producing renewable electrical energy. In 2017, the increase in global capacity for solar energy already exceeded the 100 GW mark. In 2021, around 180 GW were added. For a sustainable future, solar energy is therefore vital. As the most economically viable technology, it offers an investment with attractive returns for investors, and a low-emission, resource-saving source of energy for the environment.*

*Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Invest in pure solar energy

Sustainable, fair and responsible – an investment with purpose and vision. hep enables you to invest assets responsibly and in line with ESG criteria. With an investment in our solar fund, you are actively helping to shape the future.
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21. May 2024

hep solar continues heart project in Burkina Faso

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19. June 2023

hep ensures business continuity after cyber attack

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30. May 2023

hep appoints Olaf Timm as Chief Risk Officer of HEP Kapitalverwaltung AG

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