Our solar parks


Opera­ting Internationally

We have over a decade of expe­ri­ence in success­fully deve­lo­ping, buil­ding and opera­ting solar projects world­wide. With our offices, we are located in Europe, Asia and North America.

In a stra­tegic and well-struc­tured approach, we develop new markets and build up our local teams of expe­ri­enced plan­ners, engi­neers, and project mana­gers who control all our projects.

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Selected Solar Parks

Our solar park 

  • Loca­tion:
    Augs­burg, Bavaria
  • In Opera­tion since 10/2009
  • Annual Feed-in:
    8,630 MWh
  • Area: 15.2 ha
  • 35,5000 Solar Modules

Our solar park 

  • Loca­tion:
    Corn­wall, England
  • In Opera­tion since 07/2011
  • Annual Feed-in:
    5.146 MWh
  • Area: 13.4 ha
  • 21,000 Solar Modules

Our solar park 

  • Loca­tion:
    Hyogo, Kansai
  • In Opera­tion since 06/2020
  • Annual Feed-in:
    14.163 MWh
  • Area: 11.5 ha
  • 28,880 Solar Modules

Our solar park 

White Street 
  • Loca­tion:
    Guil­ford, North Carolina 
  • In Opera­tion since 11/2020
  • Annual Feed-in:
    7.480 MWh
  • Area: 9.3 ha
  • 12,536 Solar Modules

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