Your solar park on your own company roof

Get your electricity direct from your own roof

Free yourself from fluctuating electricity prices and rising electricity costs. Become your own energy supplier. Realize your solar system with us – simple, fast and sustainable. Without any equity capital and mostly cheaper than from the local provider. With hep yolar you have the chance to effectively reduce your CO2 footprint and help our environment.
Bauarbeiter auf einem Dach der seine Solarmodule überprüft

Three steps to an all-round carefree solar park

We analyze and plan

First, we discuss your wishes and record the framing conditions for your roof system. Next, we plan your solar park, optimized to your needs. For example, designed for high own consumption of solar electricity.

We build

We handle installation, commissioning and servicing. In doing so, we coordinate with the grid operators and insurers, we handle the contracts and materials, and we implement the planned roof system.

You save and profit

After commissioning, you use the green electricity direct from your own roof. Cheaper than from the local provider, and with no electricity price fluctuations. After 15 years of leasing payments, the system transfers into your ownership. That means you continue to earn from the feed-in of green electricity from your company’s roof.

Set yourself up to be green: with hep yolar

No investment costs

Solarmodule auf einem Unternehmensdach in einer Großstadt mit Hochhäusern

hep yolar for your company?

Do you already have a solar park?

We can make operating your solar park simple: from monitoring and reporting packages through preventive maintenance and support to environmental diversity. We put our services together freely in line with your individual requirements.


Was your question not covered here? You can find more questions and answers on this topic in our FAQs.
Is my roof suitable for photovoltaic?
Almost all roofs can be used for photovoltaic. We would be happy assess your roof space too.
Who pays in the event of damage?
As the owner of the photovoltaic installations, naturally we also take out the necessary insurance protections. Should damage arise to the PV installation due to external circumstances, or should the system cause damage to your building, we ensure straightforward settlement of the claim, with no cost to you.
How big does my roof need to be?
The roof area should be at least 1,500 m² and enable a power take-off of 100,000 kWh p.a.
What happens if the panels are covered with snow?
Solar modules convert sunlight into electricity. If your modules are covered with snow, they cannot produce electricity. Snow is generally not sufficiently heavy to cause structural problems with the modules, and as most modules are inclined at an angle, the snow slides off. However, should snow collect on them, have the panels gently cleaned.
What costs are incurred for the roof system?
A package customized specifically for you is worked out – designed to give you fullest satisfaction.
How long can solar modules continue working?
Experience gained with solar modules, particularly crystalline modules, now indicate lifetimes of 25 to 30 years. Today, the finding is that modules do not exhibit any significant loss of yield due to degradation.
Do solar modules provide less energy than you use in producing them?
Depending on the module and where it is installed, solar modules already produce more energy than was used to produce them after just 1.6 years. Over a 25-30 year lifetime, they produce up to 15 times as much energy.

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