Kenji Nener

To ensure a future for generations to come, environmental sustainability should be a priority for everyone. Every little bit counts. hep is a company that aligns with my values, showing a green initiative in investing and striving for a renewable future. Age-group: 1993 Triathlete since: 2010 Favorite discipline: Running Top 3 achievements: 14th Place Tokyo […]

Katharina Möller

For me, sustainability is not the radical renunciation of all comforts, but the conscious making of decisions that are better for the planet. I think if everyone does their best, we can leave a livable planet for future generations. Age-group: 2001 Triathlete since: 2008 Favorite discipline: Running Top 3 achievements: 11th place Junior World Championship […]

Ben Bettin

For me, sustainability means thinking about the impact my actions can have on humanity and the environment – today and in the future. We need to find compatible alternatives that both make today’s society happy and give future generations the opportunity for the same experience. Age-group: 2001 Triathlete since: 2012 Favorite discipline: Swimming Top 3 […]

Jannik Schaufler

“Happy is not he who has much, but he who needs little.” Age-group: 1997 Triathlete since: 2012 Favorite discipline: Running Top 3 achievements: 2nd place U23 European Championship Eilat/ISR 2018 2nd place Europe Cup Kitzbühel 2022 3rd place Premium European Cup Holten 2019 In the hep sports team since: 2019

Anabel Knoll

“I think everyone can make a small contribution to sustainability. By eating sustainably or using renewable energy, we can help preserve ecosystems and the creatures within them, and thus indirectly preserve our future.” Age-group: 1996 Triathlete since: 2010 Favorite discipline: Cycling Top 3 achievements: 3rd place Super League Arena Games Munich 2022 Olympia qualification 6th […]

Simon Henseleit

“It all depends on each individual! In addition to small things like conscious consumer behavior and plastic avoidance in daily shopping, I am proud to contribute to clean and sustainable energy with hep as our main sponsor.”  Age-group: 2000 Triathlete since: 2007 Favorite discipline: Bike Top 3 achievements : 1st place European Championship U23 Olsztyn […]

Anne Reischmann

“Sustainability starts in everyday life: less plastic, less driving, more sensitive use of food. With small changes, everyone can make a big impact.”  Age-group: 1992 Triathlete since: 2017 Favorite discipline: Bike Top 3 achievements 2nd Place IRONMAN 70.3 Les Sables d’Olonne 2019 4th place IRONMAN 70.3 Rapperswil 2019 1st place Triathlon Cup Rhein Neckar 2018 […]

Daniel Bækkegård

“On my bike rides, I enjoy nature, the changing seasons and how the weather can be completely different within two days. But it makes me sad when the normal cycle of global weather changes. I want the next generation to experience the same world as I do. And that’s why I’m extremely grateful to be […]

Imogen Simmonds

“I am honored and excited to become part of the hep Sports Team. With my Master’s degree in Environmental Technology, hep Sports Team gives me the opportunity to combine my two passions: Actively competing in triathlon while representing a company dedicated to a green future. A dream come true” Age-group: 1993 Triathlete since: 2014 Favorite […]

Maurice Clavel

“The more recklessly we treat the earth, the more brutally it will strike back. Sustainability and resource conservation can achieve a ‘win-win’ situation.” Vintage: 1988 Triathlete since: 2006 Favorite discipline: Bike Top 3 achievements: 1st place Ironman South Africa 2021 3rd place Challenge Roth 2017 1st place IRONMAN 70.3 Vichy 2018 In the hep sports […]