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Sebastian Kienle is renowned for winning the 2014 Ironman World Championship as well as the 2012 and 2013 Ironman 70.3 World Championship. As his sponsor, we are happy to know that Sebastian invests in our solar funds in order work on his carbon footprint. Thus, he can focus on preparing for another World Championship: The Ironman 2021 in Hawaii.

Statement: "Once we solve the energy problem, we will be able to solve many other problems."


LAURA PHILIPP. Triathlete.

Laura Philipp started competing on a professional level in 2011 and already is German champion at the triathlon middle distance. With a time of 8:34:57 she also held the German record at the Ironman distance until August 19, 2019 - a record she achieved during a competition in Barcelona in 2018. This qualified her for the Ironman Championship on Hawaii in 2019. There she took the outstanding fourth place. We are happy to be able to support Laura since 2020 as main sponsor along her way and appreciate her motto: WAKE UP. WORK HARD. LOOK HOT. KICK ASS.

Statement: "I love being in nature. While training outside, I am often reminded how limited our resources are. Therefore, I try living as conscious as possible and have decided to become vegetarian in order to do my bit."



Maurice Clavel's greatest successes include the Vice European titel in the Ironman 70.3 middle distance, which he won in Wiesbaden in 2014 as the best German in front of a home crowd. In addition, he was third at the Ironman South Africa 2018 and also winner of the Ironman 70.3 Vichy. For the radiant half-French, team spirit has absolute priority.


Statement: "Our planet will thank us for the protection of its resources."



Imogen Simmonds, or Imo, joined us in the second half of 2020 as first international triathlete. The 27-year-old British/Swiss citizen has been competing as a professional triathlete since 2017. Since then, she’s joined the world’s elite of female athletes finishing third in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Nice, France or second at the Ironman European Championship in Frankfurt 2019. Born in Hong Kong and living in Geneva, Switzerland, Imo is a multi-cultural athlete with a strong environmental awareness. The likeable sportwoman is a real asset to the team with her attitude and interests.


Statement: "I am honored and excited to join the hep Sports Team. Having completed my Masters in Environmental Technology, the hep Sports Team is a way for me to combine my two passions: racing triathlon whilst representing a company committed to green futures. It's is a dream come true."



Boris Stein has won multiple German Championship titles, Ironmans events, the Ironman 70.3 European Championship 2015 and he is a Top 10 Ironman World Championship Hawaii finisher. hep supports all his projects as a sponsoring partner.

Statement: "To me, it is just as important to minimize my carbon footprint and leave behind a world worth living for my daughter, as are the everyday warmth and affection she receives."



Daniel Bækkegård, as one of the youngest Ironman winner the 24-year-old Dane is one of the greatest talents in international triathlon. Daniel came through swimming to his passion triathlon. During his first professional season in 2019, Bækkegård was able to achieve two excellent placements in the long distance: At the age of 23, he won the Ironman Austria as one of the youngest professionals in history and qualified for the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.


Statement: “I want the next generation to be able to experience the same world that I experience. So I am extremely grateful to be part of this team and to represent a company with a vision like hep. Sustainability is of enormous importance to me in my daily life and, also, something that I expect from my partners. We need to respect and care for the world we live in and help each other make it a better and more sustainable place. "


ARNE GABIUS. Long-distance Runner.

Known as “the fastest german marathon runner”, Arne Gabius has earned a wonderful reputation for his endurance, dedicated forward-thinking approach and opposition to doping. We are delighted to support him in his role as a hep brand ambassador.


Statement: ''Let the sun work for you."


JOST KOBUSCH. Extreme mountaineer.

Jost Kobusch is an extreme mountaineer. Solo ascents in high altitudes without the use of additional oxygen are his trademark. He sets himself challenging goals and approaches them by chosing a minimalistic way in order to minimize his environmental impact. He deliberately refuses the modern age of extreme tourism and focuses on the exploration of the unknown instead - such as winter ascents, new routes and unclimbed gigantic summits.


Statement:"You should leave a mountain in a better state than when you first encountered it."






Statement: It is a win-win situation when we can drive the energy transition while drawing good returns in doing so.

Achievements: 3x Ironman 70.3 AG Winner, 7. Place AG Ironman 70.3 World Championship Nice, Vice European AG Duathlon Champion St. Wendel



Statement: "Happy is not who possesses a lot, but who requires only little."

Achievements: 13. Place U23 World Championship Lausanne 2019, 2. Place U23 European Championship Eilat/ISR 2018, German Champion U23 2016



Statement: "During a competition, I have to manage my energy resources sensibly and efficiently. Let’s do that with our energy supply as well and design it sustainably. Because “there is no planet b.”

Achievements: 3. Place Cannes International Triathlon 2018, 6. Place Challenge Heilbronn 2019, 3. Place U23 ITU Cross-Triathlon World Championship 2014, many times podium at Triathlon Cup Rhein Neckar



Statement: "Sustainability is a part of everyday life: Less plastic, less driving a car, and a conscious avoidance of food waste. With little changes everyone can have a big impact."

Achievements: 1. Place Challenge Gran Canaria short, 1. Place Allgäu Triathlon Sprint 2015 and 2018, 7. Place Challenge Davos 2018



Statement: "Sustainability is a part of everyday life: Less plastic, less driving a car, and a conscious avoidance of food waste. With little changes everyone can have a big impact."

Achievements: 2. Place Ironman 70.3 Les Sables d´Olonne 2019, 4. Place Ironman 70.3 Rapperswil, Weymouth und Pays d'Aix 2019, 1. Place Triathlon Cup Rhein Neckar 2018, 1. Place Allgäu Triathlon 2018, 2. Place German Championship 5000m 2013



Statement: "When it comes to environmental protection, everyone counts! Next to being a conscious consumer and avoiding plastic wraps , I am proud to contribute to clean and sustainable energy production through my main sponsor hep."

Achievements: 1. Place Super League Junior - Jersey, 1. Place Junior European Championship Team Relay 2019, 10. Place Junior World Championship 2019, 7. Place Junior European Championship 2019, 1. Place Junior European Cup - Tiszaujvaros, 6. Place German Championship Elite 2019 - Berlin






hep Teams

Sponsor of „hep Team Neckarsulm Triathlon Bundesliga“

We are the main sponsor of hep Team Neckarsulm, the top-division triathlon team from the town of Neckarsulm, and we actively promote their youth development programme.


Sponsor of "Rugby Bundesliga Team Neckarsulmer Sport-Union"

The company additionally supports the regional Neckarsulm rugby team and their development setup for younger players.