Operation and Maintenance

Long-term expertise

Since 2008, hep plans, constructs and runs utility-scale photovoltaic plants. Now we offer our long-standing expertise in Operations and Maintenance of these parks to you as well.


From monitoring and report packages, to prevention and support of ecological diversity. We do not bundle fixed packages but allow a free compilation of services according to the needs of your park.


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Using various sensors and interfaces, each park can be monitored worldwide by our headquarters in Güglingen. Alarm messages, comparisons of key figures and graphic displays enable the early detection of faults and thus ensure timely initiation of suitable measures.
Fault reports are recorded within the standby times in a ticket system. A ticket documents the start of the incident, measures taken, the person responsible and the duration of the incident. This can be used to define a metric measuring the average time to eliminate a fault. 

When should your park be monitored? The following standby times are available:

Message processing

In the case of an occurring message and after a ticket has been opened, the further measures must be taken as soon as possible so that the shortest possible production downtime occurs.

hep offers various support levels. Depending on requirements, the park owner can be informed and involved as closely as possible. At the premium level hep handles damage completely autonomously. With the premium level hep handles damages completely autonomously.

How would you like to be supported?

Measures for the prevention and elimination of deficiencies

Inspection and maintenance serve the regular prevention and preservation of the actual state of your solar park. hep guarantees both measures and the subsequent state to the art repair and according to valid regulations.

In addition to the manufacturer's standard guarantees, hep-specific additional guarantees can be offered.

What measures do you want to take to prevent and eliminate defects? The following measures are available:

Procurement and spare parts management

hep has been operating photovoltaic systems worldwide since 2008. The resulting network of suppliers and associated good conditions can significantly accelerate the procurement of required parts and the associated good conditions.

In addition, stocking vulnerable components helps minimize production downtime.

How would you like to be supported in the procurement of spare parts? The following measures are available:

Report package

All monitoring data is stored over several years. This allows you to create monthly, quarterly and annual reports. The basic package already contains an annual report. An own layout and the contents can be determined individually.

Which additional monitoring reports do you want to receive?

The green diversity

The area on which your photovoltaic system stands offers opportunities for further measures that can serve both the plant and its surrounding as well as the environment.

Which biodiversity measures do you want to claim? The following measures are available:

Your selection at a glance

The following is an overview of your selections. Please double-check and, if necessary, use the edit function to make changes. Additionally, there is a button to download your „selection at a glance“ as a PDF. 

With the help of this document and your personal information, we will design an offer and contact you as soon as possible. Meanwhile, follow-up questions can be directed towards operations@hep.global.

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