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Public AIF Invests in Record-bre­a­­king US Portfolio

2. June 2021

“HEP – Solar Port­fo­lio 2 GmbH & Co. geschlos­se­ne Invest­ment KG“ Purcha­sed 7 Com­mu­ni­ty Solar Pro­jects in Oregon 

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By means of a new coun­try-spe­ci­fic spe­cial AIF, the public AIF “HEP – Solar Port­fo­lio 2 GmbH & Co. geschlos­se­ne Invest­ment KG“ invests in the USA, the second stron­gest solar mar­ket in the world. With 21 mega­watts, this is the lar­gest solar port­fo­lio ever purcha­sed for which hep also car­ri­es out pro­ject deve­lo­p­ment and construction.

From Green Field to Com­ple­ted Solar Park
After a deve­lo­p­ment pha­se of only five mon­ths, the appro­xi­mate­ly 21 mega­watt port­fo­lio is now rea­dy for con­struc­tion and will be taken over by the “HEP – Solar Port­fo­lio 2“ fund. 

The pro­ject deve­lo­p­ment com­pa­ny Solo­ps, with which hep ent­e­red into a stra­te­gic part­ners­hip in Febru­a­ry 2020, play­ed a key role in this suc­cess­ful undertaking.

From now on, hep Petra, a solar com­pa­ny in which hep has had a majo­ri­ty sta­ke sin­ce July 2020, will take over fur­ther deve­lo­p­ment as well as the con­struc­tion and sub­se­quent operation.

Think Glo­bal­ly, act Local­ly
All seven pro­jects in the port­fo­lio are so-cal­led com­mu­ni­ty solar pro­jects. The­se are solar pro­jects in which various electri­ci­ty con­su­mers – inclu­ding both pri­va­te indi­vi­du­als and com­pa­nies – joint­ly finan­ce a solar pro­ject wit­hin a community.

The electri­ci­ty pro­du­ced is also used collec­tively. The finan­cing model is simi­lar to the “Power Purcha­se Agree­ments“ with which hep has alrea­dy gai­ned many years of experience.

Pro­ces­ses and remu­ne­ra­ti­on are con­trac­tual­ly sti­pu­la­ted for a peri­od of 20 years. Com­mu­ni­ty solar pro­jects thus fol­low the basic idea of sus­tainab­le deve­lo­p­ment, pro­mo­ting the ener­gy tran­si­ti­on local­ly and decentralized. 

Finan­cing the World­wi­de Ener­gy Tran­si­ti­on With hep
Fal­ling manu­fac­tu­ring cos­ts, good fore­casts and saved CO2-emis­si­ons make pho­to­vol­taics the key tech­no­lo­gy of the glo­bal ener­gy tran­si­ti­on. In 2020 alo­ne, hep solar parks pro­du­ced around 44,155 mega­watt hours of solar ener­gy worldwide.

As a result, over 33.9 kilo­tons of CO2-emis­si­ons were avoided that would other­wi­se have been gene­ra­ted from fos­sil fuel power production.

The cur­rent public AIF of the Baden-Würt­tem­berg-based spe­cia­list for solar pro­jects and solar invest­ments, “HEP – Solar Port­fo­lio 2“, enab­les pri­va­te inves­tors to par­ti­ci­pa­te in a glo­bal solar park portfolio.

Through a coun­try-spe­ci­fic spe­cial AIF, “HEP – Solar Port­fo­lio 2“ invests in the tar­get mar­kets such as the USA or Japan, in which the com­pa­ny not only has a lar­ge pro­ject pipe­line but also its own com­pa­ny locations.