Jost Kobusch

Bergsteiger Jost Kobusch in einem roten Schneeanzug und einem grünen hep Helm der einen Gipfel besteigt

“You should leave the mountain in better condition than you found it.” Age-group: 1992 Mountaineer since: 2011 Top 3 achievements 2020: Mount Everest Winter Solo Expedition, on the difficult West Ridge to an altitude of 7,380m 2017: Solo first ascent of the highest unclimbed mountain in Nepal: Nangpai Gossum 2 (7,300m) 2016: Annapurna (8,091m) solo […]

Laura Philipp

“I love exercise in nature. But the time I spend outdoors also makes me aware of how limited our resources are. I therefore try to live as consciously as possible. Not eating meat, for example, is a small contribution I can make.”  Age-Group: 1987 Triathlete since: 2011 Favourite discipline: Running Top 3 achievements: 4. Place […]