Katharina Möller

For me, sustainability is not the radical renunciation of all comforts, but the conscious making of decisions that are better for the planet. I think if everyone does their best, we can leave a livable planet for future generations. Age-group: 2001 Triathlete since: 2008 Favorite discipline: Running Top 3 achievements: 11th place Junior World Championship […]

Ben Bettin

For me, sustainability means thinking about the impact my actions can have on humanity and the environment – today and in the future. We need to find compatible alternatives that both make today’s society happy and give future generations the opportunity for the same experience. Age-group: 2001 Triathlete since: 2012 Favorite discipline: Swimming Top 3 […]

Jannik Schaufler

“Happy is not he who has much, but he who needs little.” Age-group: 1997 Triathlete since: 2012 Favorite discipline: Running Top 3 achievements: 2nd place U23 European Championship Eilat/ISR 2018 2nd place Europe Cup Kitzbühel 2022 3rd place Premium European Cup Holten 2019 In the hep sports team since: 2019

Anabel Knoll

“I think everyone can make a small contribution to sustainability. By eating sustainably or using renewable energy, we can help preserve ecosystems and the creatures within them, and thus indirectly preserve our future.” Age-group: 1996 Triathlete since: 2010 Favorite discipline: Cycling Top 3 achievements: 3rd place Super League Arena Games Munich 2022 Olympia qualification 6th […]

Simon Henseleit

“It all depends on each individual! In addition to small things like conscious consumer behavior and plastic avoidance in daily shopping, I am proud to contribute to clean and sustainable energy with hep as our main sponsor.”  Age-group: 2000 Triathlete since: 2007 Favorite discipline: Bike Top 3 achievements : 1st place European Championship U23 Olsztyn […]