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20. December 2021

hep’s Sustainable Commit­ment in Burkina Faso

DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep

hep is once again committed to Burkina Faso with this year’s Christmas campaign. The cashews from fair and organic farming secure the live­li­hood of small farmers and finance health and educa­tion programs for needy women and orphans.

hep is Committed to Sustaina­bi­lity
The cashews are culti­vated by small farmers in a coope­ra­tive, harve­sted by hand, dried on site and processed immedia­tely. The tradi­tional, original way of culti­va­tion and proces­sing preserves the sensi­tive ecosys­tems of Burkina Faso.

The direct sale of cashews reduces trans­port emis­sions and ensures that the money gets to where it is needed without detours. The small­hol­ders are supported by the aid orga­niz­a­tion “Faan­dima“ which hep has been suppor­ting since last year.

”Faan­dima” means deve­lo­p­ment and is an aid orga­niz­a­tion that helps needy women and children to lead a self-deter­mined life.

With legal assi­s­tance, health and educa­tion services” Faan­dima” opens up sustainable oppor­tu­nities for a better future. hep supports the volun­teer team and its work in the long term.

hep Helps Where Help is Needed
“Burkina Faso is not only suffe­ring from the corona pandemic but unfor­tu­n­a­tely has also been expe­ri­en­cing violent unrest for several months. It is all the more important to us that we do not abandon the local people. Thanks to the trus­ting rela­ti­onship with “Faan­dima”, we know that the money will arrive safely“, explains Matthias Hamann, Chief Tech­nical Officer. He himself coor­di­nates hep’s commit­ment in Burkina Faso and also under­took the construc­tion of the solar plant for an educa­tional campus.

More about our compre­hen­sive commit­ment in Burkina Faso can be found here.