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Goril­la beringei beringei

Nov 4, 2019

Hono­ring the Officer

In 1902, Ger­man offi­cer Robert von Beringe was on a field trip in the Virun­ga Moun­tains, a ran­ge of extinct vol­ca­noes which bor­der the Demo­cra­tic Repu­blic of Con­go, Rwan­da and Ugan­da. During his trip, he made the first records of moun­tain goril­las. Back in Ger­ma­ny, the Natu­ral Histo­ry Muse­um Ber­lin named the new­ly iden­ti­fied spe­ci­es goril­la beringei beringei in honor of its discoverer.

Vege­ta­ri­an and Social Heavyweights

A moun­tain gorilla’s diet is most­ly vege­ta­ri­an con­sis­ting of lea­ves, sprouts, bark, flowers and fruits. Grown-up males weigh up to 200 kilo­grams and eat around 34 kilo­grams each day.

Moun­tain goril­las are known as social, peace­ful and shy ani­mals. Usual­ly, they live tog­e­ther in groups of ten, led by one adult male. For unknown rea­sons, they fear water – inclu­ding rain – as well as cater­pil­lars, and chameleons.

Fema­les are half the weight of males and eat around 18 kg of lea­ves, bran­ches, bark, roots, flowers and fruits a day.