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Insights Into Studying at the BIT

Nov 4, 2019

At the Burkina Insti­tute of Tech­no­logy (BIT), young women and men are trained simul­ta­ne­ously in theory and prac­tice in order to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in „Computer Science and Entre­pre­neurship “. The two students, Patrick Yanogo and Ezekiel Ulrich, share insights of studying at BIT:

Patrick Yanogo, Computer Science Student:

“Learn in class, apply in trai­ning. In this society where trai­ning and appli­ca­tion of skill becomes rare, to me, BIT’s major strength is to make it acces­sible to us as students. One thing is lear­ning, the other is to know how things work in a real case. I believe that BIT is the ideal place to learn by doing.”

Ezekiel Ulrich, Computer Science Student:

“At BIT we often work in teams. For me, this is an oppor­tu­nity to learn more with the others and to share my know­ledge. The group spirit is a symbol of love, peace, soli­da­rity, and visions. I am convinced, for inno­va­tion we need diffe­rent ideas from diffe­rent people and that team­work is the key. Then, toge­ther we can build a better world for us and future generations.”