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2. September 2021

Sebas­tian Kienle Starts at the DATEV Chal­lenge Roth Powered by hep

DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep

Sebas­tian Kienle, hep Sports Team profes­sional, surprises with the parti­ci­pa­tion in the “DATEV Chal­lenge Roth powered by hep“. The race on September 5, 2021, is the most important long-distance triathlon this year.

In the Spot­light – hep Pres­ents the Most Important Long-Distance Triathlon 2021
For the second year in a row, the race calendar is deter­mined by the Corona pandemic and the asso­ciated restric­tions or cancel­la­tions. Recently, the Ironman Hawaii, origi­nally sche­duled for October 9, 2021, was post­poned to February 2022. This makes the “DATEV Chal­lenge Roth powered by hep“ the most important triathlon compe­ti­tion in the world this year.

Sebas­tian Kienle, hep Sports Team profes­sional, will not miss this chance and announces at today’s offi­cial press confe­rence of the orga­nizer “Chal­lenge Roth“ his parti­ci­pa­tion next Sunday: 

“After the Ironman Hawaii was cancelled, I only had to think about it for a short time. As a hep Sports Team athlete, the DATEV Chal­lenge Roth powered by hep is a home race for me, so to speak.I am looking forward to the course, the atmo­s­phere and the sustaina­bi­lity concept of the event. It will be a great end to the season.“

In addi­tion to Sebas­tian Kienle as an indi­vi­dual starter, the hep Sports Team will also be compe­ting with a top-class relay team. This will be led by former German mara­thon record holder Arne Gabius.

In the Media – DATEV Chal­lenge Roth Powered by hep
The race will be broad­cast live and in full length on BR tele­vi­sion and as a live­stream on The swim start is at 7:00 am. So all triathlon fans can follow the race comple­tely from home.