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To be part of it!

Triathlon DATEV Chal­lenge Roth powered by hep


  • 3,8 k
  • Start: 6:30
  • Loca­tion / P1: Kanal­lände Hilpoltstein
  • Course: One lap in the Main-Danube Canal


  • 180 k
  • Loca­tion / P2: P+R Hilpolt­steiner Straße
  • Cource: Two laps each 85,5 k + 9 k to Roth


  • 42,195 k
  • Loca­tion / Finish: Triathlon Park in the city park
  • Route: The ‘‘tradi­tional route‘‘ connects the canal with the city center of Roth and the commu­nity of Büchenbach
  • Special: hep hotspot ‘‘Büchen­bach‘‘ at kilo­meter 35
  • Finish time: 23:05

DATEV Chal­lenge Roth powered by hep

DATEV Chal­lenge Roth powered by hep

The Chal­lenge Roth is not just any triathlon, but the largest and most spec­ta­cular long-distance triathlon in the world – and sustainably diffe­rent: fami­liar, original and legen­dary. 3,400 indi­vi­dual athletes, 650 relay teams and a world-class star­ting field. Every year since 1984, the other­wise tran­quil town of Roth has been trans­formed into a triathlon dream, full of emotion and passion. 

Here, hep and the hep Sports Team cannot be missing. Since this year, we are a proud partner of the event with the goal of expan­ding the event’s role as a sustainable triathlon even further.

hep and the triathlon in Roth

The legen­dary triathlon in Roth gets a new presen­ting. The company ‘’hep – there is no planet b“ becomes the new partner for sustaina­bi­lity in the triathlon dream factory. In the future, the DATEV Chal­lenge Roth powered by hep will not only ensure that athletes fulfill their dreams when they finish in the Roth triathlon stadium; the new part­nership will also allow the event to further expand its role as a sustainable triathlon. The company hep which is already well-known in the triathlon world with its own Sports Team, deve­lops, builds and operates solar parks world­wide – financed by German investors.

Chris­tian Hamann, CEO of hep global: ‘‘The largest long-distance triathlon event in the world and hep are a perfect match. Toge­ther, we are charac­te­rized by sustaina­bi­lity, expe­ri­ence, relia­bi­lity and profes­sio­na­lism. In addi­tion, the race leads over the Solarer Berg which of course has a nice ring to it for us as a solar company. We are happy to support Felix Walch­s­höfer and his team on the way to even more sustaina­bi­lity. And to make a fantastic compe­ti­tion for the profes­sional athletes of our Sports Team as well as other inte­rested triathletes‘‘.

Felix Walch­s­höfer, Mana­ging Director TEAMCHAL­LENGE: ‘‘I am very happy that at this of all times we were able to win hep, a great presen­ting partner who cares about sustaina­bi­lity. In recent years and decades, we have always atta­ched great impor­t­ance to recy­cling, local suppliers and waste avoid­ance, both during the race week, for example by reusing reus­able table­ware and during the year, for example through our merchan­dise most of which is produced locally at René­Rosa in Roth, packaged plastic-free and shipped climate neutral. Compared to other major triathlon events, we are already leading in this area. With hep at our side, we can now step it up a notch and become even greener and more sustainable. There are also already really nice ideas that we would like to imple­ment at the event that will directly benefit the athletes and the environment‘‘.

Ronnie Schild­knecht, manager of the hep Sports Team and profes­sional athlete himself: ‘’The most beau­tiful triathlon stories are written in Roth! We are there­fore very pleased that we can parti­ci­pate from in it from now on as a presen­ting partner. Hope­fully, also with many athletes of our hep Sports Team. Because every triath­lete has to expe­ri­ence the special Roth feeling for himself once. Once over the Solarer Berg and being cheered on by the spec­ta­tors along the course, ever­yone gets a very special adre­na­line kick’’.

Long-term Part­nership

hep’s commit­ment to the Rother Triathlon is long-term. The part­nership will last for at least over the next three years with the option to extend.

Based in Güglingen, Baden-Würt­tem­berg, hep is incre­a­sing the share of rene­wable energy in the global energy mix by deve­lo­ping new solar parks. In 2020 alone, hep solar parks produced around 44,155 mega­watt hours of solar power world­wide; this corre­sponds to the consump­tion of over 12,000 three-person house­holds. As a result, more than 33.9 kilo­tons of CO2 emis­sions were avoided, which would other­wise have been gene­rated by fossil fuel power produc­tion. hep creates offers for capital inves­tors who want to make an active contri­bu­tion to the protec­tion and preser­va­tion of the envi­ron­ment with their money.

Boris Stein, Laura Philipp and the 2014 Ironman Hawaii world cham­pion Sebas­tian Kienle have already taken advan­tage of this oppor­tu­nity. The latter has chosen hep as a “green sponsor” and recently invested in one of the company’s funds for the second time.

hep Sports Team moves closer to Roth

The company’s own hep Sports Team, among others, with Sebas­tian Kienle, Laura Philipp, Maurice Clavel and Daniel Bække­gård, its own junior team and main sponsor of the Bundes­liga team “hep Team Neckar­sulm” has been causing a sensa­tion in triathlon for years. For instance, Daniel Bække­gård won the Ironman 70.3 Dubai 2021 in March, and Laura Philipp finished third at the PTO World Cham­pionship in Daytona in December in her first race with the hep Sports Team. Through the new part­nership, the hep Sports Team will become an important part of the event in the future with many athletes them­selves on the start line or in various roles during the event weeks.