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hep is Sustainably Successful

30. August 2021

“A” Rating in Scope Initial Rating for HEP Kapi­tal­ver­wal­tung AG

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The renowned rating company Scope Analysis GmbH awards HEP Kapi­tal­ver­wal­tung AG an “A” grade in its initial rating. The holistic corpo­rate approach, the strong growth stra­tegy, the successful track record and the proac­tive reduc­tion of risks through the expan­sion of the manage­ment of hep global GmbH convinced the analysts.

hep Receives Excel­lent Future Fore­casts due to Growth and Risk Reduc­tion
hep is curr­ently in a dynamic growth phase. In addi­tion to the expan­sion into the USA, this also includes an increase in the number of employees and the construc­tion of a new head office in Germany. The proac­tive hand­ling of the risk, which Scope describes as a “key person risk typical for medium-sized compa­nies”, by incre­a­sing the size of hep’s manage­ment team has been posi­tively incor­po­rated into the rating.

“Scope’s strong rating shows once again that we are on the cutting edge with our exclu­sive focus on solar invest­ments in the stron­gest photo­vol­taic markets world­wide and our holistic corpo­rate approach,” says Chris­tian Hamann, CEO and co-founder of hep. “We see the result as a mandate to play an even greater role in shaping the German finan­cial market in the future. This is exactly what we intend to do with our compre­hen­sive expan­sion stra­tegy. We show day in and day out: sustaina­bi­lity, growth and returns are not mutually exclusive.“

hep Convinces in Rating With Holistic Corpo­rate Approach
In the rating, hep Asset Manage­ment scores points for four key factors:

First, the local presence creates optimal market access. hep has its own local bran­ches in the most important target markets.

Secondly, the company’s holistic approach to plan­ning, deve­lo­p­ment, construc­tion, opera­tion and moni­to­ring of solar plants is convin­cing. According to Scope, this ensures that value crea­tion remains in one hand.

Thirdly, the compre­hen­sive track record leads to a signi­fi­cantly reduced risk of asset connec­tion. The hep track record consists of the construc­tion of more than 800 mega­watt peak solar capa­city for 42 solar parks and the steadily growing project pipe­line of curr­ently around 5.3 giga­watt peak (Status 31.03.21). The expec­table total revenue of so-called late-stage projects from market values alone amounts to more than EUR 500 million by 2025. The corpo­rate acqui­si­tion of the US project deve­loper Peak Clean Energy (now hep Peak Clean Energy) and the majo­rity stake in the solar company ReNew Petra (now hep Petra) in 2020 also provide support.

The fourth posi­tive criterion cited was hep’s consist­ently successful track record. For example, the 27 exits of project deve­lo­p­ments from 2009 to 2018 achieved an IRR of 8% to 25% p.a. The Alter­na­tive Invest­ment Funds (AIF) for private inves­tors are also on target. In addi­tion, the successful place­ment of the EUR 25 million hep Green Bond in May 2021 stands out positively.

Successful in Sales: hep‘s Solar Funds
hep offers alter­na­tive invest­ment funds with diffe­rent risk-return profiles that invest in the late stages of project deve­lo­p­ment, construct photo­vol­taic plants and operate them on a long-term basis. The fact that the AIF have direct access to the 5.3 giga­watt peak pipe­line of hep project deve­lo­p­ment is unique on the German invest­ment market and extre­mely successful. Since the begin­ning of the year, the public AIF “HEP — Solar Port­folio 2 GmbH & Co. geschlos­sene Invest­ment KG” has raised around EUR 23 million, more than half of its target volume of EUR 40 million (Status 31.08.21). In addi­tion, the special AIF “HEP – Solar Projekt­ent­wick­lung VII” was closed on 30 April 2021. With a place­ment volume of EUR 51.9 million, a strong signal was set for solar investments.