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hep is Awarded

29. September 2021

hep Receives the Finan­cial-Advi­sors-Award in the Cate­gory “Sustainable Tangible Assets “

DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep

hep receives the Finan­cial-Advi­sors-Award 2021 in the cate­gory “Sustainable Real Assets“. The prize, which was awarded for the 19th time, is one of the most pres­ti­gious and important awards for capital investments.

Inno­va­tive, trans­pa­rent, broker-oriented and investor-friendly are the criteria used by a top-class jury to select the award winners – criteria that have been an inte­gral part of hep’s busi­ness model since the beginning.

hep is a Pioneer and Market Leader for Sustainable Tangible Invest­ments
In the market of tangible assets, hep has been successful as a provider of closed-end invest­ment funds on the German capital market for more than ten years. 

From the begin­ning, our invest­ment offer consisted exclu­si­vely of tangible assets. It only invests in solar parks that are deve­loped, built and operated by hep. To this day, our busi­ness model is unique in Germany and has become our flagship within ten years“, say Thorsten Eitle, Chief Sales Officer of hep. “We are estab­lished in the market and are valued by sales part­ners, costu­mers and respected by compe­ti­tors. Ever­yone knows: hep is the specia­list for solar parks and solar investments.“

An important mile­stone in 2018 was the approval to operate as a capital manage­ment company (KVG) in accordance with the German Capital Invest­ment Code.

hep Offers Strong Invest­ment Offer With Multiple Awards
The current public AIF “HEP – Solar Port­folio 2 GmbH & Co. geschlos­sene Invest­ment KG“ is one of the stron­gest invest­ment offers in the field of alter­na­tive invest­ment funds. Dextro ranks it with AA and risk class 3. Dextro sees the diver­si­fied, long-term and holistic fund concept as parti­cu­larly positive.

In the G.U.B. analysis, the public AIF achieves the grade A+. The main argu­ments are the distinc­tive specia­liz­a­tion in photo­vol­taics, the remar­kable results of the previous funds and hep’s exten­sive expe­ri­ence with invest­ments abroad.

In addi­tion, the Scope Analysis GmbH rating company gives HEP Kapi­tal­ver­wal­tung AG an “A“ grade in its initial asset manage­ment rating. The Scope analysts are convinced by the company’s holistic approach, strong growth stra­tegy, successful track record and proac­tive risk reduction.