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3. February 2022

HEP Kapi­tal­ver­wal­tung AG Publishes Perfor­mance Report 2020 / 2021

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HEP Kapi­tal­ver­wal­tung AG publishes its 2020 / 2021 perfor­mance report with addi­tions as of January 1, 2022. All hep funds are running according to plan and were able to distri­bute a total of around 35 million euros.

Strong Perfor­mance and Satis­fied Inves­tors
HEP Kapi­tal­ver­wal­tung AG looks back on a strong finan­cial year 2020. Around 2,500 satis­fied inves­tors, 12 placed funds and 18 solar parks in own opera­tion underpin the strong result of the Baden-Würt­tem­berg-based expert for global solar parks and solar invest­ments. In the process, the equity placed incre­ased from 31 million euros in 2019 to 86.3 million euros in 2021.

With a project pipe­line of 5,300 mega­watts, the acqui­si­tion of one and a majo­rity stake in another US solar company in 2020, the signs for hep continue to point to global expansion.

Curr­ently, a public AIF is avail­able to private inves­tors and a special AIF is avail­able to profes­sional investors.

Over­view of the Perfor­mance
The two old funds “HEP – Solar Sprem­berg“ and “HEP – Solar Norden­dorf“ again deve­loped according to plan and enabled distri­bu­tions of eight percent in rela­tion to the limited liabi­lity capital.

Due to the successful sale of the solar park Trefullock, inves­tors of the invest­ment “HEP – Solar England 1 GmbH & Co. KG“ can look forward to a proud total return of 240.50 percent. This corre­sponds to a realized return (IRR) of 11.21 percent. The distri­bu­tion from the sale in the amount of 164 percent has already been made.

Inves­tors in the “HEP – Solar Japan 1“ funds received a distri­bu­tion of 4.50 percent this year. This means that the cumu­la­tive distri­bu­tion up to this point conti­nues to be higher than the total distri­bu­tion origi­nally forecast.

Unbroken High Demand for Solar Invest­ments From hep
At the end of 2020, the public AIF “HEP – Solar Port­folio 1“ was success­fully closed. At the end of the place­ment phase, the demand for this invest­ment even exceeded the supply.

Inves­tors already received the second sche­duled distri­bu­tion on September 30, 2021. This amounts to 7 percent.

The “HEP – Solar Port­folio 2“ which has been in the place­ment phase since January 2021, is not infe­rior to its prede­cessor in terms of popu­la­rity. Thus to to December 19, 21, an increase of the limited part­nership capital on up to 90 million euro was decided.

With this public AIF inves­tors invest into the world­wide stron­gest solar markets USA, Japan, Germany and the future market Canada. The place­ment status is around 58 million euros (as of January 21, 22).