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hep Builds First Solar Park in Alabama

Aug 12, 2021

Solar Power for 15,000 Homes in Butler County

DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep

US Project Deve­lo­p­ment by hep is a Complete Success
A new mile­stone in hep’s US expan­sion stra­tegy. From January 2024, the “Green­ville“ solar park deve­loped and planed by hep will supply around 15,000 homes with sustainable electri­city. The solar project is the largest faci­lity to date that was approved as part of the 2015 federal “Rene­wable Genera­tion Certi­fi­cate Program“. 

„Green­ville“ Results From hep’s Successful US Expansion
The appro­xi­mately 100 mega­watts solar park was deve­loped by hep Peak Clean Energy, a US-American project deve­loper specia­li­zing in large-scale projects which was acquired by hep last year. A long-term power purchase agree­ment was concluded for the current collec­tion. The grid connec­tion is planned for 2024.

“The hep solar park Green­ville is the successful outcome of excel­lent coope­ra­tion with the expe­ri­enced colleagues from hep Peak Clean Energy,“ explains Dr. Alex­ander Zhou, Chief Project Officer. “Our expan­sion stra­tegy in the USA has been a complete success so far and with a project pipe­line of more than 4 giga­watts in the USA alone, we are very opti­mistic about the coming years“. 

Assembly systems with single-axis trackers are intended for construc­tion. The solar modules are aligned with the posi­tion of the sun for optimum irradiation. 

hep Advances the Decen­tra­lized Energy Transition
The solar park hep Green­ville has a lasting impact on added value in Butler County, ecolo­gi­cally, socially and econo­mi­c­ally. Around 15,000 homes will be supplied by green solar power. The construc­tion is expected to create 250 new jobs. In addi­tion, Butler County expects the solar park to gene­rate about six million dollars in addi­tional tax revenue. 

Invest Respon­sibly With hep 
The Baden-Würt­tem­berg-based specia­list for solar parks and solar invest­ments has many years of market expe­ri­ence and exten­sive exper­tise in the concep­tion and manage­ment of real asset invest­ments and alter­na­tive invest­ment funds. Trust, respon­si­bi­lity, and trans­pa­rency are the core of our actions. 

Since 2008, hep deve­lops, builds and operates solar parks world­wide and offers inves­tors funds with various dura­tions and risk-return profiles.