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Hel­ping With Mangos

20. May 2021

hep Again Sup­ports aid Orga­niz­a­ti­on “Faan­di­ma“ from Bur­ki­na Faso

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Fresh­ly Picked Man­goes From Orga­nic and Fair Cul­ti­va­ti­on
hep, solar expert from Sou­thern Ger­ma­ny con­ti­nues its com­mit­ment in the West Afri­can coun­try of Bur­ki­na Faso. After the instal­la­ti­on of a solar power plant for an edu­ca­tio­nal cam­pus in 2019 and last year’s Christ­mas cam­pai­gn, around 400 sus­tainab­ly cul­ti­va­ted orga­nic man­goes have now arri­ved at hep­quar­ters in Güg­lin­gen, Baden Württemberg. 

Ope­ning up Future Pro­spects With Man­goes
“Faan­di­ma“ means “deve­lo­p­ment“ and is also the name of a Bur­kina­be aid orga­niz­a­ti­on. Its self-help pro­jects are inten­ded to open up bet­ter pro­spects for the future, in par­ti­cu­lar for women and orphans.

One pro­ject invol­ves sel­ling fresh­ly har­ve­s­ted man­goes and expor­ting them abroad. The plan­ta­ti­ons belong to small far­mers who have for­med a coope­ra­ti­ve to cul­ti­va­te their man­goes using sus­tainab­le and orga­nic methods.

Last year, hep purcha­sed dried man­goes worth around 9,000 euros from Faan­di­ma and gave them away as part of the Christ­mas campaign.

Women in Focus
The man­go har­vest is done almost exclu­si­ve­ly by women. In this way, they not only ensu­re their live­li­hood, but also finan­ce their children’s school edu­ca­ti­on and thus the chan­ce for a bet­ter future. Faan­di­ma sup­ports the­se women by expor­ting the mangoes. 

Around 70 per­cent of the sales pri­ce is inten­ded for the far­mers wages of the women far­mers as well as for mate­ri­al and pro­duc­tion cos­ts. Twen­ty per­cent is used to finan­ce other Faan­di­ma pro­jects in the are­as of health and edu­ca­ti­on, from which the women can bene­fit direct­ly. The remai­ning ten per­cent is used for local logistics and admi­nis­tra­ti­ve costs.

Social Com­mit­ment at hep: Uncom­pli­ca­ted and Direct
From hep­quar­ters, the ripe man­goes are dis­tri­bu­t­ed to employees, the hep Sports Team and to busi­ness part­ners. “In spring, the man­go har­vest is due in Bur­ki­na Faso. The ide­al time to sup­port sus­tainab­le, small-sca­le far­ming and the work of the aid orga­niz­a­ti­on Faan­di­ma. It is not a ques­ti­on of wai­t­ing too long, but of acting quick­ly without com­pli­ca­ti­ons. At the same time, we are also hap­py about the vit­amin-rich ener­gy sources, espe­cial­ly in the hard times of Coro­na“, says Mat­thi­as Hamann, Chief Tech­ni­cal Offi­cer (CTO), exp­lai­ning how the cam­pai­gn came about. 

He hims­elf was respon­si­ble for the instal­la­ti­on of the solar plant and initia­ted the coope­ra­ti­on with Faan­di­ma. He hims­elf was respon­si­ble for the instal­la­ti­on of the solar plant and initia­ted the coope­ra­ti­on with Faandima.