How can long-term revenues be achieved?

Through power purchase agreements (PPA). In short, PPAs comprise a fixed contract between the energy supplier and its customer. By avoiding a feed to the grid, energy suppliers and consumers benefit from tax reliefs, making the transaction advantageous for both parties: The producer can sell energy at a higher price than the market price, while at the same time the consumer can purchase energy at a fixed price that is generally lower than the market price, giving them planning security for their energy costs for the period set out in the contract.

Do solar cells harm the environment?

Solar cells are emission-free during their working life, and do not release any pollutants. Compared to conventional techniques for producing electricity, their manufacture requires less energy. For one kilowatt-hour of solar energy from photovoltaic modules, it takes around 20 grams of CO2. By comparison, energy from brown coal emits 1,000 grams of CO2.

What is an AIF?

Alternative Investments are generally investments that are not based on conventional finance products such as shares, bonds, listed investment funds or other instruments traded on the stock exchange.