Our in-house plan­ners and engi­neers handle ever­ything from project scree­ning to the secu­ring of areas, all necessary permits and the feed-in tarrif. At the same time, we benefit from a constantly growing world­wide network with which we track down suitable areas and develop them in cooperation.

We empha­size care­fully plan­ning of our projects and imple­ment them with high quality. In all areas, we thoroughly conduct exami­na­tions in advance through audits by inde­pen­dent experts.


We are thorough in deter­mi­ning soil condi­tions. The ground is the basis for the assembly system of our photo­vol­taic plants. Deter­mi­na­tion of neces­si­ties as well as deter­mi­na­tion of quality stan­dards and tech­nical plan­ning take place first, mate­rials procu­re­ment, exca­va­tions, and the instal­la­tion of systems as well as all moni­to­ring compon­ents follow. A tech­nical quality assurance through inde­pen­dent experts is important to us.

First and fore­most, we are a classic photo­vol­taic company with many years of exper­tise in construc­tion projects. During the construc­tion phase, our engi­neers are on site world­wide. We are happy to take on chal­lenges such as steep inclines or compre­hen­sive excavations.


Since 2008, hep plans, builds and operates large-scale photo­vol­taics plants. With the help of various sensors and inter­sec­tions, we can monitor our parks world­wide from our hepquar­ters in Germany. Regular main­ten­ance and inspec­tions ensure a long-term quality assurance. Our employees as well as reli­able service provi­ders correct minor errors on site.

We now offer you our many years of exper­tise in the opera­tion and main­ten­ance of these systems through our service custOM – We operate your solar park!

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