Top German triathlete becomes hep’s new brand ambassador


Triathlete Boris Stein becomes new brand ambassador of the German solar company hep. Stein is a triathlete as well as a duathlete, repeated German champion, winner of the Ironman Europe Championship, and twofold Ironman Winner, both in Zurich (2014) as well as in Nizza (2015).


"Boris Stein is a fantastic match for our company", says Christian Hamann, founder of hep, emphasising the things they have in common. ‘Investments in tangible assets, such as our solar funds, are focussed on the long haul and lasting success. And, just like Boris Stein, they also frequently break records when it comes to returns.’


Boris Stein competed in his first triathlon only 10 years ago and earned a medal straight off the bat in his age group. The 33-year-old endurance athlete, who originally started out as a footballer, was so motivated by this new challenge that he signed up for the Cologne triathlon just four weeks later. Boris Stein achieved 20th place the first time he competed in the Cologne Classic. Stein was seized with fascination for triathlons, which has lasted to this day.


The athlete’s eagerness is now paying off. In 2013, Stein successfully completed his first competition over the full Ironman distance, involving 3.8 km of swimming and 180 km of cycling followed by a complete marathon of 42.195 km. He fought his way to eighth place in the competition held in Nevada in the United States.


Stein has competed without interruption since 2014 at the world’s most famous Ironman competition in Hawaii. Last year he achieved an outstanding result, coming in at 10th place. Stein already succeeded in being first to cross the finish line at Ironman competitions in Zurich, 2014, and Nice, 2015.


Boris Stein also displays endurance beyond his efforts on land, in water and on his bike. Even though he regularly participates in international competitions and has an arduous training schedule, Stein has completed his teaching degree and placement to become a teacher. He plans to delve into this profession in earnest once he has completed his successful competitive career, though for now his focus and goals remain the same: victory! Boris Stein’s next opportunity for this will be in August when he competes in the Ironman Copenhagen challenge.


In the future, Stein will help strengthen the hep brand and be involved in the company’s marketing. He looks forward to helping other people get excited about solar energy. "Being careful with the way you consume energy determines whether you win or lose a race. We need to be just as careful with the way we use the earth’s resources."