Senior Debt Financing for two Japanese solar parks


hep signs financing agreement


24 million Euros over 19 years through NORD/LB Singapore Branch


Since January, private investors enjoy the opportunity to invest in the global solar market with hep's current alternative investment fund (AIF). Mid-2019, the AIF acquired two Japanese solar projects for a cumulated purchase price of approximately 32.5 million Euros (equaling JPY 3.82 billion according to the exchange rate on August 30, 2019).


This week, hep was able to announce the signing of a financing agreement with NORD/LB Singapore Branch. The senior debt financing for construction and long-term operation of the two parks has a volume of 24 million Euros over a duration of 19 years.


Construction has already started

A first solar project near the Japanese town Kamigori encompasses a capacity of 11,664 KWp on an area of over 44 acres. "Since the beginning of the construction phase, land preparation has gone to plan", reports Head of Engineering & Construction, Matthias Hamann, from Japan. "Through the financing, we will be able to finish construction of solar park Kamigori within the first quarter of 2020 - as expected".


The second solar project, Ayabe, is located to the northwest of Kyōto. hep will be installing a capacity of 1,633 KWp on an area of over eight acres.


Additional U.S. projects

An alternative investment fund for professional German investors with an investment focus on the USA will be in distribution shortly so that various projects from hep's U.S. pipeline can be acquired soon.