Quick first payout for project development fund


First Japanese projects sold


Investors receive nearly three million Euros


On December 31, 2018, hep was able to close the placement phase of special AIF "HEP - Projektentwicklung VI GmbH & Co. geschlossene Investment KG" with 15 million Euros of invested equity.


In December 2019, investors received a first payout amounting to 20 percent of their invested limited liability capital excluding premium.


The investment company invests said equity into the development of solar project rights. These encompass all steps from the acquisition of land until grid connection, power purchase agreements and the acquisition of all necessary authorizations until the project is ready to be built and can be sold. Projects derive from hep's project pipeline of over 220 megawatts in Canada, Japan and the United States.


In the second quarter of this year, hep could finalize the sale of two Japanese solar projects ready for construction. Combined, develpment costs were at JPY 466 million. The projects were sold to a price of nearly JPY 577 million, resulting in a return of 11.9 % p.a. IRR.


On an areal of 18 hectares near the Japanese town Kamigori, construction of solar park with a capacity of 11.7 megawatts will begin shortly. In Ayabe, near Kyoto, hep will build a solar park with a capacity of 1.6 megawatts on 3.3 hectares.