Ninefold Ironman Switzerland winner as hep Sports Team manager


Ronnie Schildknecht also manages Ironman Hawaii 2014 World Champion Sebastian Kienle


The hep Sports Team welcomes a new renowned member: Ronnie Schildknecht, ninefold Ironman Switzerland winner, becomes manager of currently four professional and six junior triathletes.


Triathlete Ronnie Schildknecht: The 40 year old Swiss national has been active in triathlon since 2000. Since then, he has won the Ironman Switzerland nine times and is listed as fastest Swiss triathlete on the Ironman distance.


As manager of Sebastian Kienle, Ironman Hawaii World Champion of 2014, Schildknecht has been familiar with the team of solar energy fund hep, for a year. „In triathlon, the hep Sports Team is one of very few teams and a welcome exception. As a professional triathlete myself, I value the support of our sport and know of the importance of this team for the development of future pros", says Schildknecht. "I am looking forward to shaping the future of the team together".


hep Sports Team: hep pursues a holistic approach in developing and leading the sports team: In addition to a financial support, junior athletes are mentored on an athletic and soft skill level.


„To us, triathlon is a matter of the heart", adds CEO Christian Hamann. „We enjoy supporting these perservering, versatile and exceptional athletes. On the other hand, we know that they proudly present our slogan "there is no planet b." to the public and foster environmental awareness.“


Predecessor and junior athlete Christian Trunk, who was part of the team's beginnings, has decided to start his professional athlete career in the upcoming season of 2021. As of the second half of this year, he will be investing all of his time in training and competing.