Grid Connection of Solar Park Number 10 in Japan


“Kamigori“ in Hyōgo has a Capacity of 11.7 MWp


The success story of hep in Japan continues. The German-based solar company reports the second grid connection of a Japanese solar park in 2020. "Kamigori", west of Kobe, has a capacity of 11.7 megawatts (MWp). It is the tenth park which hep operates in Japan.


Solar Park "Kamigori": "Kamigori" is located west of Kobe. On an area of 10 hectares, the park has an installed capacity of 11.7 MWp. Construction started in September 2019 and was finalized by the end of May 2020. Following a mechanical testing period, "Kamigori" is now operating commercially.

"Thanks to our long-lasting experience, our local network and our committed constructors, a delay due to the strong winter and to the corona pandemic was only marginal", states Chief Technical Officer Matthias Hamann.

"Kamigori" follows "Ayabe", solar park number 9, which has an installed capacity of 1.6 MWp and has been officially in use since the end of May 2020. In both cases, project development, engineering and construction were carried out by hep.


Solar Market Japan: Japan's government has signed the Paris Climate Agreement and intends to increase renewable energies' percentage of the overall electricity mix to 24 percent. According to the "Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies" in Tokyo, the percentage was at 17.4 percent in 2018 - surpassing the previous year's figure by one percentage point.

In its 2018 energy strategy, the government has declared photovoltaics to be the main source of energy for electricity production. In a worldwide comparison of total installed capacity, Japan ranks third behind China and the USA. In 2012, Japan's statutory feed-in remuneration - which was designed according to the German example - was reformed in order to prepare the Japanese market for future demands and to continue the efficient expansion of photovoltaics.


hep in Japan: Two years after the dramatic nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima in 2011, hep entered the Japanese solar market and founded a subsidiary with a Japanese project development team in Kobe. The first solar park in Ono, developed and constructed by hep, was finalized in 2017 with an installed capacity of 2.4 MWp. It was financed by German investors through an alternative investment funds. With solar park "Kamigori", hep is now able to announce the grid connection of its tenth solar park in Japan.


Press Release "Grid Connection Kamigori"