Corona prevention to uphold regular business


hep intensifies protective measures


Based on new developments and "social distancing" recommendations, hep's board of management has decided to intensify existing protective measures against COVID-19.


Employees at all concerned locations will continue working from home in order to reduce the risk of infection as much as possible. hep provides sufficient digital hardware and software in order to guarantee regular business over weeks of quarantine.


In Germany, England, Japan, Taiwan and the United States, hep uses local subcontractors for construction and operation of the solar parks. Supply contracts for all parks currently under construction are finalized and are being upheld by module manufacturers to date. The business unit Construction has not seen any effects on regular business.


Neither have our project developers and engineers. Development cycles lasting between six and 36 months naturally absorb potential delays. hep's robust business model and the conservative conception of projects and funds provide adequate margins. These margins allow for an increase in module prices up to the double digits on a percentage basis. Only from then on upwards would a switch to German or US-american module manufacturers make sense.


With these measures, hep confidently addresses the current developments. Future decisions will be made based on future facts, with regards to the safety and health of our employees and with our investors' best interest in mind. Questions can be directed towards