hep solar continues heart project in Burkina Faso

Güglingen, 23 May 2024 – hep solar, the solar specialist with headquarters in Güglingen, Baden-Württemberg, has financed its second solar project in Burkina Faso, West Africa, at the Burkina Institute of Technology (BIT), reaffirming its commitment to humanitarian aid. The newly constructed solar installation covers an area of 500 m². The 108 solar modules installed are expected to achieve a specific annual yield of 1647.3 kWh/kWp, corresponding to an annual electricity production of 96,070 kWh.
The installation near the BIT campus is a structural measure for one of the poorest countries in the world and is intended to secure the energy supply for the student dormitories. hep solar already donated and installed a first solar system on site in 2019. The new solar system complements the existing one and will provide sufficient power for the now expanded campus.
“Access to a reliable power supply is particularly important for economic development, education and healthcare in Burkina Faso, as the power grid is very unstable and the population is affected by several power outages every day”, says Matthias Hamann, Chief Technical Officer of the hep solar group and Managing Director of the subsidiary hep energy GmbH which is responsible for the planning and operation of the solar systems. The project was carried out in close cooperation with the Stern Stewart Institute which specializes in initiating, financing, managing and implementing projects in Africa. Stern Stewart was responsible for the local project organization and supported hep solar in the construction of the solar plant. A team of four, led by Matthias Hamann, flew to Burkina Faso to ensure the smooth implementation of this important project. Security and political aspects had to be taken into account as the country is ruled by a military dictatorship. The security situation in Burkina Faso has deteriorated significantly in recent years, with millions of people at risk due to the ongoing violence in the country.
hep solar was supported in the implementation of the project by long-standing partners. ET Solar provided the solar modules free of charge and S-Rack provided the mounting systems. An off-grid system was installed that operates independently of the public power grid and stores excess energy in batteries. This provides a self-sufficient energy supply that fully meets the overnight energy needs of the six student dormitories. “Together with Stern Stewart, we have not only built the system, but also brought about a change that positively improves people’s lives“, says Matthias Hamann. The installation was designed with the flexibility to add more modules as the number of students grows and the BIT’s energy needs increase. hep solar will continue to support the university in the future. Hamann: “The expansion of the student dormitories by four more is already planned and will take place soon. hep solar’s commitment in Burkina Faso is deeply rooted and will continue to be of great importance to us.” As part of its social commitment, the hep solar group is also involved in other projects in Burkina Faso to improve the living conditions in the West African country on a long- term and sustainable basis. In addition to educational institutions, the company supports the aid organization Faandima which focuses on helping women and children in need and promotes social projects such as the fair and ecological cultivation of cashew nuts and mangoes.

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