hep receives ESG Transformation Award 2024

Güglingen, 26 April 2024 – hep global GmbH, the Baden-Württemberg-based specialist for solar parks and solar investments, has been awarded the ESG Transformation Award 2024. In the “Impact Investing” category, hep took 2nd place and was thus honored for the fund “HEP – Solar Green Energy Impact Fund 1 GmbH & Co. geschlossene Investment KG” (hereinafter referred to as “HEP – Solar Green Energy Impact Fund 1”) as well as for its ESG concept.

With the “HEP – Solar Green Energy Impact Fund 1” – the first official climate protection fund – hep wants to play a key role in shaping sustainable change in the financial sector. The fund aims to build up production capacities for the generation of renewable energy and aims to reduce CO2 emissions. “It serves as a guideline for the level of ambition of all our derivative products”, says Heiko Szczodrowski, CEO of HEP Kapitalverwaltung AG. “With our exclusive “HEP – Solar Club Deal 1″, we are now also offering (HEP Solar Club Deal 1 GmbH & Co. geschlossene Investment KG) wealthy individuals who qualify as semi-professional investors investment opportunities similar to those for institutional investors. We are delighted that our commitment has been recognized by the independent ESG Transformation Award.”

Broad portfolio of sustainable solutions

As a project developer and financier of solar parks, hep covers the entire value chain – from site selection and development to the selection of components and verification of durability and recyclability at the end of their service life, hep includes all sustainability aspects of the EU Taxonomy Regulation. Thanks to this unique business model, hep creates impact on two levels: on the one hand, by building solar parks as a renewable energy source, and on the other hand, by considering sustainability aspects along the supply chain of its solar park components. “Through our careful supplier selection processes, we take environmental and human rights standards into account for our direct suppliers and are committed to integrating them into further stages of the value chain”, says Dr. Julian Hochscherf, ESG Manager at hep.

In addition, hep develops concepts to provide additional benefits for the solar parks. The biodiversity approach, for example, aims to design interventions in ecosystems in such a way that, in addition to the main purpose – the construction of a photovoltaic system to produce green energy – the original function of the area is also supported, and its preservation is considered in development activities. In addition, with its solar products, the hep Group helps other companies to reduce energy-related emissions and offers individual approaches that are precisely tailored to the requirements of the customer’s energy consumption. These tailor-made solutions help to achieve compa-nies’ sustainability goals in a cost-effective manner while accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy.

ESG Transformation Award

The ESG Transformation Award was presented for the second time in 2024 and honors special sustainability initiatives in the financial industry. A four-member, independent jury – including Silke Stremlau, Chair of the Sustainable Finance Advisory Board of the Federal Government, Lanna Idriss, Board Member of SOS Children’s Villages, and Prof. Christian Klein, Chair of Sustainable Finance at the University of Kassel – recognizes initiatives in the areas of environmental, social and governance and evaluates them based on scientific indicators. Other 2024 award winners were Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, the financial services group SEB and Zurich Insurance.

The award ceremony took place on 24 April 2024 in a festive atmosphere at the Frank-furt Museum of Communication. The gala was attended by around 100 guests, includ-ing leading figures from the financial services industry.

Fotocredit: Victor van der Saar

HEP – Solar Green Energy Impact Fund 1

hep offers German investors the opportunity to invest directly in climate protection funds. In addi-tion to individually tailored solutions for large investors, hep also enables institutional and private investors to invest in the world’s largest solar markets: USA, Japan, Germany, Canada and Poland. The current hep investment fund is classified under Article 9 of the EU’s Sustainable Finance Dis-closure Regulation and its economic activities are in line with the requirements of the Taxonomy Regulation.

hep global GmbH

As an owner-managed family business from Baden-Württemberg under the parent company hep global GmbH, the hep group of companies is a one-stop specialist for investments and solar pro-jects. The company develops, builds, operates, and finances solar parks all over the world, but especially in Germany, Japan and North America. For more than 15 years, hep has been combining high-tech know-how with a high level of expertise in the financial sector and offering investors the opportunity to participate in the global expansion of solar energy. hep employs more than 200 people worldwide with offices in Germany, Japan, the USA, and Canada.

HEP Kapitalverwaltung AG

HEP Kapitalverwaltung AG operates as an investment company specialising in solar investments. It was founded in 2012 and has been approved as an AIF capital management company in accord-ance with Sections 20 and 22 of the German Investment Code since January 2018.

Legal Notice

This is a press release for the closed-end public AIF “HEP – Solar Green Energy Impact Fund 1 GmbH & Co. closed-end investment KG” and the “HEP Solar Club Deal 1 GmbH & Co. closed-end investment KG” (“the funds”), which are externally managed by HEP Kapitalverwaltung AG (“HEP KVG”). If you are interested in any of the funds, please read the prospectus/information document 307 and the key information document of the relevant fund before making a final investment decision. In the case of the “HEP – Solar Green Energy Impact Fund 1”, these are exclusively available in German in electronic format at https://hep.global/private-anleger/ or HEP-Solar_Green_Energy_Impact_Fund_1_Verkaufsprospekt_nach_§268_KAGB_17052023.pdf and hep_HEP-Solar_Green_Energy_Impact_Fund_1_BIB_16112023.pdf. In the case of the “HEP Solar Club Deal 1”, please contact: https://hep.global/professionelle-anleger/#produkte/. These documents are the only binding basis for the purchase of shares in the respective fund. The most recent net asset value as well as a summary of investor rights for the “HEP – Solar Green Energy Impact Fund 1” are available in German in electronic format at hep_SGEIF_1_Nettoinventarwert_08022024-1.pdf. On request, we will send you the aforementioned documents in paper form free of charge. You can request this from HEP Kapitalverwaltung AG, Römerstraße 3, 74363 Güglingen.

By purchasing fund units, you do not acquire the assets held by the fund (e.g. photovoltaic sys-tems). These are acquired by the fund represented by HEP KVG. The fund therefore invests in illiq-uid assets. It may be difficult to sell them. Comprehensive information on the risks associated with investing in the funds can be found in the prospectus.

Income from the fund’s holdings is subject to taxation, which depends on the individual tax profile of the investor and is subject to change.

HEP KVG may decide to revoke the distribution.

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