Towards the sun!

The Baden-Württemberg-based solar company hep is launching a new product. “hep yolar – your company-owned solar park“ is an all-round carefree lease model for companies that have at least 1,500 square meters of space available. The solar power produced is used to cover the company’s own electricity needs and the surplus is fed into the power grid.

The Easiest way to the Company Solar Park

Entrepreneurs thinking about their own solar system quickly face an investment of a quarter to half a million euros or more. Ongoing costs for maintenance and repairs reduce the income. In addition, there are expenses and imponderables as a builder. With “hep yolar“ this is now much easier and completely without risk and effort.

The innovative solution from hep offers everything from a single source: design, planning, permits, construction, operation and financing of the solar plant. The only thing a company has to provide is at least 1,500 square meters of space. The all-round carefree contract then runs for 15 years on a lease basis. After that, the solar park is taken over.

Plus Points for Sustainability and Economy

“Sustainable technologies develop their full potential not only when they make ecological sense but also offer economic benefits“, says Thorsten Eitle, founder and Chief Sales Officer.

“A company-owned solar park is good for the environment, good for the image and good for the corporate energy and environmental balance.“ With hep yolar, there are two more points that play a crucial role for companies: The innovative solar park solution does not bind personnel capacities or equity capital.

hep supplies and takes care of everything. From the very beginning, the individual company obtains solar power from its own roof or from its own land area and often even at a significantly lower price than from the local electricity provider.

Company Space Activated Worldwide

On the way to the advancing decentralization of the energy industry, the vacant spaces of companies offer great potential for the reduction of greenhouse gases. Whether it is an unused corporate rooftop or an English showcase lawn, hep yolar was specifically designed for the individual corporate generation of sustainable solar power.

“There is a huge amount of unused corporate space that is not actively sustainable; on the contrary, it heats up in the summer and furthers contributes to global warming,“ said Eitle. “Our goal with hep yolar is to span an increasingly dense network of photovoltaic surfaces across Germany and around the world that work together in a decentralized manner and in sum, help minimize the global carbon footprint“. The report is the result of several months of intensive collaboration between the management and the business units. It not only serves as a status report but also contains goals and targeted measures that need to be implemented and further developed in the coming months.

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