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A Better Future for Young Women and Men: hep donates a solar power system and a battery storage system to an educational institution in Burkina Faso, the Burkina Institute of Technology.

In 2019, hep donated and installed a solar power system including battery on an educational campus in Burkina Faso. There, well-known architect Franics Kéré, who himself was born in the country, built secondary school Lycée Schorge in 2016, followed by the Burkina Faso Institute of Technology (BIT) two years later. At the BIT, students have the opportunity to graduate with a Bachelors’ Degree in „Computer Science and Entrepreneurship”.

Kéré’s design concept aims to serve as a catalyst for inspiration to the students, teaching staff, and surrounding community members. The sustainable architecture shows how local materials, in combination with creativity and teamwork, can be transformed into something significant with long-lasting effects. Kéré only used regionally available materials, such as the red-colored Laterite stone which is well-known for its good handling and cooling properties. The furniture was built with left-over materials from construction sites and local hardwood.

“People are the basis of every piece of work”

Francois Kéré, architect of the BIT

Sustainable Energy for a Sustainable Campus

The design concept cut down transport emissions, lowered resource consumption and benefitted local economy. hep’s donation added to the sustainability of the campus through a long-lasting and clean energy supply. hep not only installed a solar power system including battery, but also ensures that local maintenance workers will be advised and financed for decades to come.

“The solar system including battery donated by hep will ensure the campus’ sustainable and decentralized energy supply for decades.”

Matthias Hamann, Chief Technical Officer

To the interview

hep is convinced that the entire region will benefit from the educational campus. We are proud to have contributed to its success by donating the solar power system.

Insights into Studying at the BIT

At the Burkina Institute of Technology (BIT), young women and men are trained simultaneously in theory and practice in order to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in „Computer Science and Entrepreneurship “. The two students, Patrick Yanogo and Ezekiel Ulrich, share insights of studying at BIT:

„Learn in class, apply in training. In this society where training and application of skill becomes rare, to me, BIT’s major strength is to make it accessible to us as students. One thing is learning, the other is to know how things work in a real case. I believe that BIT is the ideal place to learn by doing.”

Patrick Yanogo, Computer Science Student:

„At BIT we often work in teams. For me, this is an opportunity to learn more with the others and to share my knowledge. The group spirit is a symbol of love, peace, solidarity, and visions. I am convinced, for innovation we need different ideas from different people and that teamwork is the key. Then, together we can build a better world for us and future generations.”

Ezekiel Ulrich Computer Science Student:

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